0000000000000001 hopefully I am not on the wood way
0000000000000010 with him is not good cherry eating
0000000000000011 you are me one
0000000000000100 don’t bring me on the palm
0000000000000101 I bring you around the corner
0000000000000110 my lovely Mister singing club
0000000000000111 me goes a light on
0000000000001000 noone can reach me the water
0000000000001001 I’m not very onefallsrich
0000000000001010 but I know how the bunny is running
0000000000001011 so looks it out
0000000000001100 Give not so on!
0000000000001101 I understand only train station
0000000000001110 You have not all cups in the cupboard
0000000000001111 Morninghour has gold in mouth
0000000000010000 I think I spider
0000000000010001 Ouch, I have muscle cat
0000000000010010 it is only a cat’s jump away
0000000000010011 I feel me poodle well
0000000000010100 There bites the mouse no thread off
0000000000010101 Pig got!
0000000000010110 to hunt the pig through the village
0000000000010111 Me loused the monkey
0000000000011000 I have eaten the wisdom with spoons.
0000000000011001 There is hops and malt lost.
0000000000011010 Do not bite in the grass.
0000000000011011 I make me the world how she me suits
0000000000011100 There becomes yes the dog in the pan crazy
0000000000011101 Is me sausage
0000000000011110 all snow from yesterday
0000000000011111 prejump through technique
0000000000100000 I wish you what!
0000000000100001 Me runs the water in the mouth together
0000000000100010 I am fox devils wild
0000000000100011 Hello new With-Workers